Young high school student Anne spends most of her life adrift in drugs and alcohol. When this life style nearly kills her, she is only saved by an unwelcome reunion with her estranged father, Adam. Despite a rocky start Adam and Anne managed to rekindle a long lost father daughter connection. However, as their relationship grows Adam discovers there is something deep and dark that Anne is concealing, something that could causes an upheaval in both their lives.

Anne, Adam, Marco, Tony, Barbara, Maggie


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On June 25 2016, ‘Shadow Boxing’ will be released digitally to the general public. Whatever destiny holds for this film and its future, my hope is that even just a fraction of the talent, passion and commitment put it to it will shine through. 

Cast, Crew

At the beginning of 2014 I was a film student with the distant hope of making a feature film. Little did I know I would meet an actress by the name of Samm Wiechec, and in that meeting she would share several deep and painful stories about her past. The effects of that night and her courage to speak about it would be a driving force behind my script writing for the next 9 months. However, as many writers will tell you, a finished script does not make a movie. It was only through the kindness of both friends and family that my script would make it from the page to the screen. The actual filming of ‘Shadow Boxing’ would be one of the longest and most difficult months of my life, but no one came aboard this project without making some kind of sacrifice. It was that shared sacrifice that sustain me and this project through thick and thin.

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